Sex and the City: Top 20 Episodes (B)

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The Real Me - This is one of my very favourite episodes, aside from an awkward Heidi Klum cameo, it scarcely puts a foot wrong. Carrie's asked to be in a fashion show featuring both models and real people (Alan Cumming is hilarious as O from Dolce And Gabbana). Samantha has nude photos taken, Miranda is shocked when a guy from her gym finds her sexy and Charlotte discovers she has vulvodynia. A delight from beginning to uplifting end.
Why It's A Must-See: "Omigod, she's fashion road kill!" Charlotte's disastrous attempt to fix-up Stanford and Anthony. "We likey!" Finally, the genius use of Cheryl Lynn's disco classic Got To Be Real.

My Motherboard, My Self - Disaster for Carrie as her computer crashes; Aidan tells her off for not backing up her material. Miranda's mum dies and Samantha is having an unusual problem with her sex life. The girls go to the funeral in Philadelphia to offer Miranda their full support.
Why It's A Must-See: This is an incredibly emotional, but not mawkish, episode. It's impossible not to be moved.

Belles Of The Balls - Clever episode in which the theme of having balls (or in Steve's case, only one), is reinforced throughout all the story strands. Eager to conceive, Charlotte gets Trey's sperm tested. Ball-buster hotel magnate Richard Wright turns down Samantha's pitch ("What does he think I'm going to do? Get my period and ruin his empire?") and a depressed Big crashes Aidan's country house to see Carrie, but ends up confiding in him instead.
Why It's A Must-See: Big and Aidan's testosterone-fuelled fight is a scream ("Stop it! You're middle-aged!").

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda - Charlotte's battle to conceive receives a devastating blow. Miranda discovers that she's pregnant and opts to terminate which leads to an argument with Charlotte. Comic relief comes from Samantha (doesn't it always?) and her association with actress Lucy Liu.
Why It's A Must-See: A standout episode dealing with the emotive subject of abortion in a thought-provoking, non-judgemental way.

The Good Fight - Carrie and Aidan have a massive row after he moves into her apartment. Charlotte and Trey have a huge fight after he brings a cardboard baby home as a joke. Pregnant, horny Miranda goes on a date and Samantha finally gives in to Richard's brand of romance.
Why It's A Must-See: Carrie and Aidan's fight ("Who needs five almost-empty speed stick deodorants?"); Charlotte and Trey's fight ("Don't you bring that flat baby in here!") and the sight of Samantha in love.

I Heart NY - My very favourite SATC episode; it's got everything. Big tells Carrie that he's tired of New York and moving to California ("If you're tired, you take a nap-a, you don't move to Napa!" she tells him). Samantha suspects that Richard's cheating on her and Miranda gives birth to a baby boy.
Why It's A Must-See: Because it's the episode of seismic change; Carrie and Big have one last dance to Moon River. Samantha's heart gets broken and Miranda becomes a mother. A beautifully poignant episode with gorgeous visuals dedicated to New York City itself. It was filmed before the September 11 terrorist attacks and is a fitting tribute to a breathtaking city that is forever altered.

The Big Journey - Carrie's got a book launch so she heads to San Francisco on a train with Samantha. Charlotte ends up in bed with her bald, sweaty, hairy lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt (endearingly played by Evan Handler). Anthony says she should use him for sex only. Big and Carrie meet up but her efforts to get him into bed meet strong resistance.
Why It's A Must-See: The sexual role reversal between Big and Carrie is fun and any episode with Anthony Marentino is essential viewing.

I Love A Charade - Flamboyant lounge singer Bobby Fine (played by Nathan Lane) is getting married to society lady Bitsy Von Muffling. The girls are all stunned because they think he's in the closet. Harry goes with Charlotte and Carrie ends up dancing with Jack Berger.
Why It's A Must-See: For the 'zsa zsa zsu' (that special something). Charlotte and Harry are falling in love, Stanford Blatch and his new man Marcus get tender and Carrie's got feelings for Jack Berger. Also, Nathan Lane is a hoot.

The Domino Effect - Big is back in New York to undergo an angioplasty and Carrie breaks down whenever the subject comes up. Steve walks in on Miranda making love to boyfriend Dr Robert Leeds (a suave Blair Underwood). Charlotte's battle to conceive continues and Smith (hunky Jason Lewis) does the unforgiveable to Samantha - he tries to hold her hand.
Why It's A Must-See: For the moment when Big's heart finally opens up. Also, for all her aggressive sexual confidence, Samantha gets flustered at true intimacy and it's really rather cute to see.

One - Carrie meets famed Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov). Charlotte's finally pregnant, but tragically miscarries. Robert tells Miranda that he loves her but at Brady's first birthday party, she ends up saying it to Steve instead. Comic relief comes from Samantha who notices a grey hair "down there" and decides to dye it.
Why It's A Must-See: An episode perfectly illustrating the knack the writers have of mixing humour into serious storylines. Charlotte's grief is devastating but how very SATC that it's Elizabeth Taylor who helps her bounce back. And you haven't lived until you see what Samantha did to her hair "down there".



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