Sex and the City: Where the Girls Eat

Planning a visit to the Big Apple? Check out these bars where Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte sip their Cosmopolitans, bemoan their relationships and eye up the talent.

As Carrie said, "So what are we going to do? Sit around bars, sipping Cosmos and sleeping with strangers when we're 80?". Well, there are worse ways to live a life.

Sushi Samba 7
87 Seventh Ave. (212) 691-7885
Richard chooses this restaurant to beg for Samantha's forgiveness. But in true ballsy Samantha style, she throws a drink in his face. It's ultra-trendy, with rooftop dining, and known for its mix of Japanese and Latin flavours.

Irving On Irving
52 Irving Place (212) 358-1300
Carrie and Charlotte trawl for men outside this restaurant. They play the one in a hundred game for urban singles. You watch the men coming your direction and see how many men in 100 you would sleep with. Great food but the place is too tiny for a bar. Pop down the road to Cibar for a post-prandial tipple.

Cafe Edison
228 W. 47th Street (212) 354-0368
Carrie seeks shelter from a thunderstorm in this diner where she meets an older woman who sprinkles lithium on her ice cream. Go for a non-Disneyified nosh in Times Square.

The Supper Club
240 W. 47th Street (212) 921-1940
Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte party with the sailors of Fleet Week at this Time Square party space. Dress up to see great bands here.

71-73 Gansevoort Street (212) 242-0990
Carrie waits in vain for her blind date at this meat-packing district resto. Try the French martini - Chambord, pineapple juice and vanilla vodka.

Trump Taj Mahal Hotel & Casino
1000 Boardwalk - Atlantic, NJ (609) 449-1000
The four women spend the weekend in Atlantic City to celebrate Charlotte's thirty "faux" birthday.

69 Gansevoort Street (212) 989-5779
Miranda and fellow dieter Tom get to know each other and discuss weight-loss strategies at this meat-packing district perennial. It's open 24 hours on the weekend, perfect for 4am breakfast after a night out.

Krispy Kreme
265 W. 23rd Street (212) 620-0111
Miranda and Tom forget about calorie-counting and indulge their sweet tooth at this popular doughnut shop. Watch for the neon 'Hot Donuts' sign in the window to get them at their best.

Gray's Papaya
W. 8th Street @ 6th Ave (212) 260-3532
At the end of her big book party, Carrie celebrates with her female chauffer by getting two delicious hot dogs and an orange drink at this twenty-four hour fast food joint. Cheap, fast and pure New York.

246 W. 14th Street (212) 675 1567
Carrie accompanies Stanford to see his new boyfriend's broadway revue performance at this nightclub.

City Bakery
3 W. 18th Street (212) 366 1414
Carrie and Samantha have lunch at this trendy high-end cafeteria where they come face-to-face with Carrie's face girl. If you can handle crowds, try to go for Sunday brunch.

Entertaining Ideas Catering
146 Chambers Street (212) 693-0053
When throwing a hot, happening party in the Hamptons, Samantha engages Entertaining Ideas where barbecue ribs, margaritas, and sumptuous fruit platters help make the party sizzle.

54 W. 21st St. (212) 989-0096
Carrie, Aidan, Steve, Miranda and Samantha rack 'em up over some ball talk at this trendy Flatiron venue. Contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine is accented by chrome and Manhattan's requisite black.

Monkey Bar
60 East 54th St. (212) 838-2600
Carrie and Big get dolled up and try out their new relationship as friends at this old-world bar/restaurant that dates back to the swanky 1930s. Don't miss the famous monkey murals or the New American food.

174 Grand St. (212) 941-9119
The scenes in Steve and Aidan's new bar Scout were filmed in this trendy Lower East Side haunt.

42 East 58th St. (212) 888-2288
While on her first date with Ray King, Carrie runs into Big at this Pan Asian restaurant's opening. A giant Buddha protects the dining room where they serve specialties such as Peking Duck for Two and Kobe Beef. Don't miss the bright red bathroom entrance.

Tortilla Flats
767 Washington St. (212) 243-1053
For her ice-breaking get-together with Aidan, Carrie (along with Miranda and Steve) tries to relax with the help of the margaritas at this happy Mexican party spot in the West Village.

Il Cantinori
32 East 10th St. (212) 673-6044
For Carrie's 35th birthday dinner, Samantha plans a very fabulous-lite party at Il Cantinori. But, no one turns up and Carrie goes home alone.

Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleecker St. (212) 462-2572
A quaint bakery in the West Village where Carrie told Miranda about her crush on Aidan. The pink frosted chocolate cupcakes here are SATC fabulous.

Payard Patisserie & Bistro
1032 Lexington Ave. (212) 717-5252
"This place has the best desserts in New York," says Carrie. While pondering new Manolos and her friendship with Charlotte, Carrie indulges in an incredibly rich chocolate treat and a cafe au lait. Payard Patisserie is the best place for girl talk, a shopping break and a post break-up chocolate pick-me-up.

Eleven Madison
11 Madison Ave. (212) 889-0905
It was at this elegant restaurant where Big told Carrie he was getting married to Natasha, aka "the stick figure with no soul". Carrie had one too many Cosmopolitans and tripped down the stairs as she walked out on him.



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