Sex and the City Season 6 Episode 20

620. An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux

After two weeks in Paris,
it was time for the ultimate in sophisticated French fare:
meeting your lover and his ex-wife for lunch.
Hello. I'm Juliet.
- Oh hello. I'm Carrie. - It's nice to finally meet you.
- Sit. Sit. - Thank you.
Well if I'm fashionably late, then Alec is very fashionable.
Yes. He's always very fashionable.
- What a beautiful bag. - Oh thank you. It's vintage.
The silk lining's about a hundred million years old but I'm so in love with it.
It gets along perfectly.
I represent accessories for the collections.
Wow. Alec's never mentioned what work you did.
Sorry. Ah. Mr. Fashionable. Hello.
Oui, merci.
Sincere apologies.? at the museum,
some gigantic decoration problem with the description over something.
Nothing else exist when art does. Yes?
Well this is a fantastic restaurant.
Yes. Used to be. Not so much any more.
The chairs, they're hideous. Hideous.
Good morning. Channel.
Channel-o. I'm gonna shoplift just so he can feel me up.
Okay. I need something simple to wear for when we meet the birth parents.
- Where is this couple from again? - Charlotte. North Carolina.
They're from Charlotte. I think it's a good sign.
Love it. Very TV-Movie of the week.
Stylish social couple opens up their park avenue home to the dumb,
- toothless yo-ho's. - They're not dumb or toothless.
- In my movie they are. - And you'd be played by Barbara Parkins,
- circa Valley of the Dolls. - Thank you.
And I'd be played by Collin Farrell.
Do you think you look like Collin Farrell?
It's my movie.
So in your movie, how big is my part? Big or supporting?
- What? - I'll still be in your life right?
Because once people have the babies.
Stop. You'll always be in my life Collin Farrell.
Can you believe this is finally happening?
I hope nothing goes wrong.
Well if it does I know some gays that got a Guatemalan kid for like a hundred bucks.
? this blonde is going be perfection. It's called ash.
Well. Save it little for him because he is one hot piece of ash.
Oh right.
Sexy. Very sexy. Come here you.
Please sir, my hair.
Are we ever gonna talk about the fact that we haven't had sex in a long time?
You're bringing this up here?
My therapist said not to mention it but¡¦
Therapist? Since when have you been seeing a therapist?
I just thought I should get some help to deal with all this cancer stuff.
I'm not complaining. I just think we should talk about it.
Well. I have absolutely no sex drive. You're leaving town to do a movie.
What's the point of talking about it right now?
Samantha. I see two pairs of feet in there.
You had better not be doing it. - Oh we're not.
Yeah right. That'll be a first.
I must admit I've been dying to meet you.
I begged Alex to organize a dinner with us.
But he said as soon as the exhibit opens, we'd all sit down. As soon as, as soon as.
If I heard this phrase one more time.
So. How's my beloved.
- He's wonderful. A bit stressed. - Why yes. He's very sensitive.
Can I just say, I think it's lovelythat you both think so highly of one another.
Why not? We had a wonderful marriage.
While it lasted.
But I believe a relationship is like a couture?
it doesn't fit perfectly, it's a disaster.
And I couldn't quite get used to what was coming second.
It was not for me.
Would you like a cigarette?
Yes. I would. Thank you.
I thought you might be one of those Americans who didn't smoke.
And I would be.. how do you say. Guilty of killing you over lunch?
So. Chloe tells me you were a write in New York.
I am a writer. Until recently I had a weekly column in New York.
It became a book. It's even been published here.
Brilliant. And Alex is comfortable with that?
Oh god yes. He's very supportive.
Maybe people can change.
- It's good. - Can you hold this?
Aren't you gonna say anything about the fact that I'm smoking?
Everybody smokes in Paris.
Someone got a great review.
- Your review's out already? - No. please don't remind me.
I'm referring to you.
Juliet was impressed that you're beautiful, smart and chic.
- I'm sorry. Museum. I have to go. - Again? It's been like this all week.
I thought we'd at least have the morning together.
I have to go. I have to go.
Is this going to be everyday?
Carrie. I'm under so much pressure. Don't make me feel worse than I do.
I'm not trying to make you feel worse.
I said nothing when you left me alone with your wife.
I know it's inconvenient for you right now.
But I promise.
There will be more time for us as soon as this exhibit opens.
Okay? Carrie. Carrie.
That's better. Look we're in Paris. It's so beautiful. Come walk around.
- Take the driver. Go everywhere. - No. you take the driver.
I'll walk around. Do French things. It'll be very Parisian.
- I like the smoking. It's very sexy. - It's killing me.
Oh God.
Merci beaucoup.
Isn't it amazing Ma?
The whole house is coming together.
What's little Stevie doing over there?
What? That's Brady. I'm right over here.
What are you talking about?
- Does my mother seem odd to you? - You might wanna rephrase that.
I'm serious. She looks all loopy and she's disoriented.
Steve. It's called the one too many beers syndrome.
No. Her eye's not focused or something. I'm worried.
Hey Ma. You want some ice cream?
Don't let little Stevie have any strawberry.
Mary. That's Brady.
What are you talking about? I know that's Brady.
But who the hell are you?
I'm gonna run down to the emergency room and check it out.
It can't hurt right?
Wanna go for a walk?
If it's a movie about Attila the Hun why are they filming in Canada?
- Cheaper. - Oh.
And it's pretty scenes from space.
Which means nowhere to go and nothing to do for the next 8 weeks.
Listen to me.
The operative word being listen.
I want you to feel free to have sex while you're on location.
Are we here again? After everything.
No. We are not here again. I'm not trying to push you away.
I'm trying to keep you.
If anyone knows how important sex is to a person, it's me.
- Correction. Was me. - It's the chemo.
Your body just needs time to heal itself.
It'll be back.
It's like winter. Just because the trees are bare, doesn't mean they're dead.
Awhile comes spring and bam!
I want you to have sex. I'm serious.
- I know what we have. - Sex is just sex. I understand that.
I don't' wanna just have sex.
You say that now.
But when you're riding a horse all day.
Wearing animal fur, and you see some sexy Canadian extra in a slave girl outfit,
feel free to pillage her.
- Samantha. - Don't be so prevential.
You're playing a barbarian for fuck's sake.
Step up there, Ma. There you go.
- All right. You wanna watch some TV? - Yeah.
- I'll be in there in a minute. - It's cold outside.
So it was nothing right?
The doctor says she had a small stroke.
She's got significant memory loss.
Oh god. When did it happen?
Best you can tell, maybe a week ago?
But nobody knows cause she's been home alone.
- I want her to stay here with us tonight. - Yeah.
So I'm gonna run and grab her nightgown and stuff.
She wants her own stuff.
I'll go with you.
Magda can stay here with them.
- I'm so sorry. - Yeah.
Jesus Christ. What's been going on here?
Didn't you notice?
No. She's always waiting for me to pick her up downstairs.
Cockroach. Okay.
Well this stops right now. My ma can't live like this.
We'll get a maid or nurse or someone to live with her full time.
Nurses do that, right? You can hire them to do that right?
My ma can't live like this.
Your mother can come live with us.
She can?
Sure. Why else do we have that big house?
Oh no. Merci beaucoup.
Carrie Bradshaw? You're Sex on the City writer?
- Yeah. - I love Sex on the City.
I am a, how do you say, the single girl. And Paul.
Carrie Bradshaw? Sex and the City? Bonjour. I have the sex.
She has the sex. We all have the sex.
We want to make a party for you. Saturday night.
Apparently, I fell right into my French fan-base.
Both of them. They were so fun and silly.
And they insisted on throwing a party in my honor.
They want me to meet their friends who supposedly love the book as well.
Anyway, it's nothing terribly fancy.
It's just a cozy dinner and a quite hotel in Paris with my ten new French friends.
This is what I love about Paris.
You never know what they day will lead you.
I know. Anyway, the party is Saturday night at the La Petite? on the Rue?
- Very good. - Are you up for it?
I can't darling. That's the night I unveil my show to the museum curators and stuff.
But you go and have a wonderful time. With the throngs of screaming fans.
- I don't mind if I do. - Do you think they'll really be screaming?
- I hope so. - So do I.
And we turned the office back there into a baby's room.
Anyone like more lox?
Is that the fish?
We're within blocks of the best grammar schools in Manhattan.
Not that we would ever let him or her go alone.
Her. It' a her. We just found out.
It's a girl? Honey, it's a girl.
I always wanted a girl.
We weren't gonna ask cause I didn't wanna know nothing about it.
But then I was there and they asked if I wanted to know and I said yes.
Ever since then I've been thinkingabout little girl names.
I like Tiffany, Britney.
Wayne says I like any name with a 'ney' in the end.
We're not getting the baby, are we?
We changed our minds.
We're awful sorry.
If you knew this before, why did you come here and put us through all this?
We've never seen New York.
What are you doing in here all this time?
I'm writing an angry e-mail to our baby lawyer.
She warned about this kind of thing.
How much more can we take, huh?
It's okay. That's not our baby.
Our baby is still coming.
Beginning to think God lost our address.
Oh. Come on honey. We're Jews.
We've been through worse than this. Eh?
Someone got some flowers delivered.
Looking forward to spring... -Smith-
- What's up babe? - I just got your flowers.
- They're so beautiful. - Did you get the card?
Yes. And you know how I said you could have sex with someone else?
Well, if it would be okay with you, try not to.
Unless you already have and then that's fine.
I didn't. I won't.
I don't mean to be a wet blanket but how about 'don't'?
Okay you gorgeous Russian.
I'm off.
Good luck at the museum.
What's wrong?
It's the cufflinks.. and something with my hands it's just¡¦.
I think I'm having an anxiety attack¡¦.
I don't know.
Breathe. Here. Put your head between your legs and breathe.
I can't¡¦
Why? What brought this on?
What if they think I'm the old man with a silly light machines.
Here, let me do this for you.
The curator's 27 year old. Can you believe it?
- Stop. - What?
Look at me.
You'll be fine.
Will you go with me?
But I have my party.
Please. I need you there. I need you there.
I don't have anybody's telephone number to call and cancel.
Oh no. You go. You're right. I'll be okay. I'll be fine.
I'll be fine. Yeah.
No. I'll go.
- You will? - It's important to you.
Oh. Thank you my darling.
And promise not to let go all night. Huh?
Genius! Genius!
Yes that's a train. Yes.
I wanna take little Stevie to the zoo.
This is not Steve. This is Brady. Steve's all grown up.
Some days she's perfectly clear and then she'll have a bad couple of days like now.
How are you handling all this?
Not very well. Steve is amazing.
He gets home from the bar late and then he's with her all day.
- Let's get ready to go to the zoo. - This is the zoo.
- I think you're amazing. - I think you're amazing.
- Mama! - And I think you're amazing. Yes I do.
Why was her coat on?
Shit! Mary! Shit!
- Where'd she go? - I don't know. The Bronx Zoo?
Shit! Shit! Stay with the baby. Shit!
The one place in Paris you can't smoke.
Perfect. A whole in my Dior.
Tell him I had to go.
Taxi! Taxi!
Mary! Mary!
Mary! Mary!
Excuse moi.
This pizza tastes like garbage.
Yeah it's bad. It's cold.
- We're gonna go. Let's go home. - I'm still hungry you know.
That feels good.
Hey. Where'd you go?
I went to my party.
- I thought you might. How was it? - Over. It was over.
I'm sorry.
How could you just abandon me like that when I gave up my party to be with you.
I didn't abandon you.
I sat on a bench alone in a museum.
Let's not do this now. I'm tired. I had a stressful day.
I'm in this relationship too.
I am a person in this relationship.
Have you any idea what it's been like for me here?
Eating alone and waiting for my boyfriend who would rather spend time with a light instillation?
That's what I do. That's who I am.
- You always knew this. - I had a life in New York.
I had a job and friends and I didn't give all of that up to come here
and wonder the streets of Paris alone.
Okay. I'm taking a shower and I'm going to bed.
- We will talk more as soon as¡¦ - No. Not as soon as.
Please. Carrie.
- It was an accident. I didn't mean to. - Oh my necklace.
I'm so sorry.
I thought I was clear all along about who I am.
Maybe it's time to be clear about who I am.
I am someone who is looking for love.
Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient,
consuming can't live without each other love.
And I don't think...
that love is here in...
in this expensive suite and this lovely hotel in Paris.
It's not your fault. It's my fault.
I shouldn't have come here.
- Carrie. - Please, don't.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
Well I'm sorry Mademoiselle. But we have only double rooms available.
Well, I'm a single and it would be fine.
- Let me see just a minute. - Merci.
Why the tears?
Paris is a mess. I never should have come here.
Everything fell apart.
We had a big fight and then I got slapped.
- You got what? - No. He didn't' mean it.
- It was an accident. It was¡¦ - He slapped you?
- What? No. It's not like that. - I'll kick his ass.
- What? No. - What room were you in?
- I'm not telling you that. - I see you were in room 625.
Room 625? Thank you.
Wait. Stop. What you..
Oh¡¦ hey. Stop. What do you think you're doing?
- I think I'm kicking some Russian ass. - What? No. It's not like that.
- You've got it completely wrong. - We'll see about that.
I don't need you to do this. Stop. This is totally unnecessary.
What do you think you're doing?
Stop. Slow down. You're gonna have a heart attack.
I mean it. It took care of this myself. I don't need you to rescue me.
Listen. I'm clocking this foreigner and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
I gotta hand it to you kid.
Most people come to Paris to fall in love.
You came and got slapped.
Why is that funny?
- Are you cold? - No. I'm still in shock.
This is so surreal. What..
how did you even get here?
It took me a really long time to get here.
But I'm here.
Carrie you're the one.
Kiss me you big crybaby.
I miss New York. Take me home.
Hi honey. I'm a bad wife. I ordered Chinese.
I got something from China too.
- They're giving us a baby. - What? How?
I guess God remembered our address.
We get her in six months.
Here she is.
That's our baby.
I know it.
That's really our baby.
What you did.
That is love.
You love.
Let's not make a big deal of it to Steve. It'll just upset him.
Hey babe.
- What¡¦ - I flew back.
You flew all night? Why?
I forgot to tell you something on the phone.
I love you.
You flew back to tell me that?
Can you think of a better reason?
No I can't.
You have been more to me than any man I've ever known.
Thank you.
You know.
I don't live here anymore.
And the Four Season's won't check you in until one.
Oh. Did you wanna come up?
- Oh my god. - You look great.
Later that day, I got to thinking about relationships.
There are those that open you up to something new and exotic.
Those that are old and familiar.
Those that bring up lots of questions.
Those that bring you somewhere unexpected.
Those that bring you far from where you started.
And those that bring you back.
But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all
is the one you have with yourself.
And if you find someone to love the you, you love,
- Hi. - What's shaking baby?
- How's Napa? - The house is on the market.
Look out New York. I'm coming.
Well, that's just fabulous.



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