Sex and the City Fashion Style: Carrie Bradshaw

Daring and devil-may-care in her street style, Carrie is SATC's number one trendsetter.

Carrie Bradshaw is certainly the boldest of the SATC girls, from the racy sex column she pens to her truly original fashion choices. She's also the most chameleon-like, so it's hard to pin down her look with any one word or phrase. Her style evolves not just from season to season, but within each episode: a casual bohemian look at lunch, demure elegance by dinner and flesh-flaunting club wear into the wee hours of the morning.

Whatever Carrie chooses to wear, though, it's guaranteed to take off. She goes out on fashion limb after limb and magically manages to pull it off every time. Remember the nameplate necklace and those floppy fabric flowers? If there's one lesson to take from her looks, it's go with your glam gut - and don't be shy!

As a rule, Carrie's ensembles are quite attention-grabbing - especially when the attentions are those of an eligible bachelor. This is a woman who's not afraid to show a little skin and doesn't hesitate to flaunt her assets, particularly those great legs.

For the diminutive Carrie, it's stilettos all the time. Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo are her labels of choice; Blahnik has even created the 'SJP', a sexy ankle-strap stiletto, in honour of Carrie's portrayer, Sarah Jessica Parker.

When it comes to her clutches and carry-alls, the quirkier the better is frequently Carrie's philosophy. The horse head and telephone bags from Timmy Woods stand out in recent memory, as do some of her more exotically sequined evening bags and that pink-feathered Valentino concoction. Then, of course, there's her logo obsession: Fs, Cs, Gs - if the bag is adorned with the initials of a major fashion house, Carrie owns it.

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