Sex and the City Season 6 Episode 19

619. An American Girl in Paris, Part Une

Some outfits wait a lifetime to be taken somewhere special.
The same can be true of people.
Hi, it's Aleks.
Stop packing, they have clothes here in Paris.
See you tomorrow. Safe flight.
Hi, it's Miranda. No, this is not my fortieth please-don't-go-to-Paris call.
It's been three weeks, is that funny yet(?)?
Anyway, I got us a dinner reservation. You're leaving at 9,
so we have to eat at six. Which makes us senior citizens, thank you.
Or should I say merci beau.. please don't go.
Carrie, it's me.
I'm in town. Look, I'd really like to see you, so call me.
Same number and in case you've forgotten, it's..
After many more hours of packing,
I was off for our version of the last supper.
Well, if Mohammed won't come to the mountain.
Hiya, kid.
I was in the neighborhood, saw your light on.
Can I talk to you?
Well, I'm late for dinner with the girls.
It's five forty-five.
Come on, get in, it's cold.
- Raoul, give us a minute, would you? - No, no, it's okay. It's cold.
He's a tough guy. Right, Raoul?
I'll tip like a Rockefeller.
I'm sorry for not returning your calls.
Yeah, I was starting to feel like a needy chick.
Did I do something to piss you off?
No, it's.. I've just been busy with other things.
Look, I know I freaked out about us
- the last time I was here and I wanted to.. - It's fine.
- You were amazing to me and I just.. - You were fine.
Would you let me finish?
And since then, I've been thinking a lot about us..
Look, you don't have to do this okay? There's really no point.
It's all fine.
Raoul's freezing and I have to go meet the girls.
Got it. How about dinner tomorrow?
I'm starting to feel like that chick again.
I won't be here tomorrow. I'm leaving for Paris tonight.
Paris, wow.
You're finally taking that vacation, huh?
It's not a vacation.
I'm going there with a man that I'm in a relationship with.
He's wonderful, and I'm happy.
So, please don't feel bad about anything.
Wait, wait, wait.
- What do you mean goodbye? - I have to go.
Carrie, stop.
What are you doing? Saying goodbye and jumping out of the car like that?
Are you moving to Paris?
When were you gonna tell me?
What, you're not even gonna tell me who he is?
His name is Aleksandr Petrovsky.
You're moving to France with a Rusky?
Oh, come on, it's a joke, Carrie.
You do this every time.
Every time. What do you have, some kind of radar?
Carrie might be happy, it's time to sweep in and shit all over it?
No, no. Look, I came here to tell you something.
- I made a mistake. You and I.. - You and I, nothing!
You cannot do this to me again. You cannot jerk me around.
- Carrie, listen. It is different this time. - Oh, it's never different.
It's six years of never being different.
But this is it, I am done. Don't call me, ever again.
Forget you know my number. In fact, forget you know my name.
And you can drive down this street all you want,
because I don't live here anymore.
Sure, now that I'm with someone else, now that I'm leaving, it's different.
- You know who he is? - Who?
The boy who cried love. That's who.
And just like in the fable, it's too little too late.
Love, he said he loved you?
No, it's a.. No, it's an allegory..
Look, my point is, he's been doing this for years. Years.
- And I'm done with it. - Then just put it all behind you.
Oh, it is behind me.
I'm mostly upset about him ruining my last night in New York.
Well, fuck him.
And you know I never say that.
- Would you like another cocktail? - No, no, no, I can't be drunk on the plane.
I wanna arrive stunning and impossibly fresh-looking.
Stop, really. You're gonna make me cry.
She didn't even say anything yet.
But I know it's coming.
I want to thank you all for wishing me well tonight.
In spite of some of your personal opinions about my leaving.
Me? I've never had an opinion in my life.
You guys, stop, please.
Easy there, waterworks.
Today, I had a thought.
What if I...
what if I had never met you?
Let's put up, shall we?
- I'd like to show my face here again. - Yes, tears have to go.
Right, someone say something not sentimental.
Chemo might have kicked me into early menopause.
Task accomplished.
You cannot believe the hot flashes.
I can barely keep my clothes on.
Really? What was your excuse before the chemo?
Oh, I'm gonna miss you, you cunt.
- Oh... - wow, even cunt didn't stop.
Hey, it's me, leave a message.
? car for Bradshaw. Car number 221, downstairs in two minutes.
Ladies, I know it's getting late and we all need to get up for our pilates.
More hot decaf?
Are you insane?
But hang in and I know we can make this breast cancer benefit our best ever.
Mona, the goody bags. Tell us.
- Thanks, Sheila. - Ok,
first, we have the pink ribbon breast cancer cookie.
- Oh jesus. - Well, what's wrong with the cookie?
For the past five years, every fucking breast cancer benefit I've been to
has had that fucking breast cancer cookie.
Now, I don't care about a breast cancer cookie,
- and I had breast cancer. - Point taken.
Well, some of the women coming to this event are battling cancer.
They need something more inspirational or outrageous than a fucking cookie.
- Is it hot in here? - Well, the cookies are donated,
so we're having them.
But you're right, we do this need something inspirational
and outrageous to give to these women.
So I'm giving them you.
Excuse me?
I'd like you to make a little speech before you bring me up.
- But what would I say? - Something inspirational.
Something you think they'd like to hear.
My husband's parents, the Liebermans are coming, so please,
try not to say fuck so much.
Could I get some water, please?
Fill it up.
- Bonjour. - Bonjour.
- Bienvenue au plaza athenee. - Merci beaucoup.
Merci. Merci beaucoup.
- Bonjour. - Bonjour, madame.
- Bonjour. - Bonjour.
Nous sommes ravi de vous accueillir?
- A little slow, s'il vous plait. - But of course, American.
- New Yorker. - Oh.
Um, Je m'appelle Carrie Bradshaw.
I'm staying here with Aleksandr Petrovsky.
Very good, Ms. Bradshaw. I believe Mr. Petrovsky is in the salon right now.
- Oui? - Yes.
So, um the luggage?
Thank you.
Oh, Carrie, you're here.
- So nice to see you. - Really?
I want you to meet my daughter Chloe.
- Bonjour, comment ca va? - Tres bien, merci et toi?
Je suis juste en train de vivre le pire jour de ma vie.
Et il est encore que dix heures et demie ? parce que?
I'm sorry, all I got was it's ten thirty.
- Oh, you don't speak French? - Well, I'm learning but..
Chloe was saying that she's having a bad day
- and she wants to kill herself. - Oh.
She's a bit dramatic.
Boyfriend troubles.
Oh well, that's my department. So tell me all about the bum.
Papa tells me this is your first visit to Paris.
Well, not if you include movies.
But I can't believe I'm finally here.
I almost screamed when we drove by Eiffel Tower.
Terrible, it was tolerable before,
but now with that light show at night, hideous, just hideous.
Tu fumes trop.
I wanted Chloe to meet us for drinks tonight
but only time she could give her old papa is from now till this afternoon, so...
Oh, well, you two should have your day alone.
You know, all the interpreting for me is going to cut your time in half.
I can unpack and take a nap and try to get on Paris time. Okay?
Also, I have to meet some people from the museum for an early dinner,
but I'll eat light so we could go out then, ok?
I'm in Paris. Don't you worry about me.
- Ok. - Ok.
- See you. - Ok.
Enchantee de vous rencontrer.
- It was nice to meet you too. - Thank you. bye.
- Where am I going? - 625.
- Six cent vingt-cinq. - Parfait.
Au revoir.
- Merci beaucoup. - De rien.
Oh, mon dieu.
Les rideaux de fenetre.
Ten hours later,
all dressed up and no Petrovsky to go.
Oh, where is the recommendation from your friend, the judge.
And Carrie left hers at home so I can pick it up when I get her mail later in the week.
It's amazing with all the unwanted children we have to do all this.
Well, this private adoption is a very competitive market.
More competitive than china? We got like a year's wait on that list.
Honey, god is gonna send us a baby from somewhere.
And it's just our job to file all the papers
and to just be as aggressive as we can up to the point we're obnoxious.
I'm sorry I'm late.
This museum dinner turned into this big long thing
with the exhibit sponsors and other? blah blah..
- I'm sorry. - Why didn't you call?
I did. You had the do not disturb on your phone.
- Right, I forgot. - Did you sleep?
Did you get enough sleep?
It's dinner time in New York.
Bon appetit.
You look like dessert.
It's under your mille feuille.
Mille feuille. A Thousand layers.
3, 4
9, 10
Stop. Oh my god.
If you want to see the face of breast cancer, look around you.
It's the woman next to you at the dry cleaners,
the nurse in pediatrics,
the single mother picking her child up from school.
Are you sure the heat is off?
Fucking chemo. Where was I?
She's the woman with a knowing smile.
A smile that says I beat cancer,
I can take on the world.
Tada. It's good, huh?
- What is that? - It's kinda stiff.
- I just thought it would sound more like you. - It's an inspirational speech.
At AA, the most inspirational speakers are the ones who keep it real.
Keep it real?
I'm speaking at a black tie benefit, not chillin' at P Diddy's crib.
I'm saying that truth is powerful.
Look, you may know AA, but I know PR.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I simply must take my head in the freezer.
After a week in Paris,
I decided my french was now strong enough to brave the ultimate test.
A day of shopping.
Bonjour, madame.
- Ca va? - Fine.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, my purse.
Someone has been shopping, huh?
I fell. I fell in Dior, so I decided that the more I purchased,
the less they think of me as the American who fell in Dior.
- They don't think like that. - Well, not anymore, they don't.
This is the shopping equivalent of lobotomy.
Poor baby.
My purse went flying, I had to scoop everything up.
I came all the way from New York to squat and scoop in Dior.
I didn't even bother to check and see if I had all my credit cards.
Well, apparently you had one.
One that I won't be using again for many many years.
- Allo, I'administration. - Oui, allo.
- Je peux vous aider, monsieur? - Paul Anterier, s'il vous plait.
Un moment, s'il vous plait.
- No, no, no. Oh my god. - What?
My Carrie necklace was in here. I put it in here and I don't see it.
It's not in here.
- Allo. - Ne quittez pas, hein.
- Un moment, Paul. - Oui.
No, I can't have lost my Carrie necklace. No.
- Was it insured? - No, no, it's not like that.
It costs like nothing but it's priceless.
I've just had it forever, so..
Mais, qu'est-ce qui se passe? Il y a quelqu'un? / Allo?
Desole de t'avoir faire attendre.
- Hello. - Is it too early?
Carrie, hi. How's it going?
- I'm really upset. - What's wrong?
It's nothing serious. It's just..
I lost my Carrie necklace and it's gone and...
I'll never be able to replace it
and I got it at that street fair when we were all together
and... it just makes me so sad.
Sure, I understand.
Well, no one in Paris seems to understand or at least they don't understand me.
- Come home. - I can't come home.
I've just only been here a week.
So, aside from the necklace how's it going?
Well, it's hard.
It's harder than I thought. I don't speak the language and...
it's too cold and rainy to walk around all day.
I've been to every museum, you know, like twice.
I don't know, I'm just sort of lost.
Where's Aleks?
Well, the exhibit is taking much more time than he thought,
so... I'm alone a lot.
- Come home. - It's ridiculous, I just got here.
I'm serious. You sound really upset.
No, I'm just being a baby, you know. I lost my necklace and...
I saw these girls having lunch and..
I just,
I just thought how much I missed you guys.
We miss you too.
Oh, this is absurd. I'm in Paris,
I've wanted to come here my whole life.
I just have, you know, too much time to think.
What does that mean?
Can I tell you something and you won't use it against me
- when I feel better and everything's great? - Yeah.
I keep thinking about Big.
About... what it would be like if I come here with Big.
- Hello? - I'm still here.
But that's just something I do when things aren't going perfect with any guy,
you know, I compare him to Big.
Oh god, this French phone is saying something that I don't understand.
Carrie, listen.
If you want to see the face of breast cancer, look around you.
It's the woman next to you at the dry cleaners,
the nurse in pediatrics,
the single mother picking her child up from school.
I said inspirational, not perspirational.
She's brave.
She's capable. She's you.
Oh fuck it, she's me.
And if any of you are having hot flashes like I am, you deserve a fucking medal.
Bad enough I lose my hair, now I have my face running down my couture.
Oh, the hell with it.
That's better.
To: Mommy Charlotte From: Carrie Baby Recommandation!
Hey it's me, leave a message.
It's me. I know you said you never wanted me to call you again.
But I'm still in town,
I don't even know if you're calling this number but I had to call.
I figured at this point, I've got nothing to lose except you.
I can't lose you again, Carrie.
I love you.
Hi, it's Charlotte.
And her computer was just sitting there on her bed.
Well, I know I haven't been your favorite over the few years.
- I wouldn't say that. - I would.
Well, god knows I've made a lot of mistakes with Carrie.
I fucked it up.
Many times. I know that.
Look, I need your advice.
You three know her better than anyone.
You're the loves of her life.
And a guy's just lucky to come in fourth.
But I do love her.
And if you think I have the slightest chance,
I'll be on the next plane to Paris, I'll roam the streets until I find her.
I'll do anything.
But if you think that she really is happy,
well, I wouldn't want to wreck that for her.
And I'll be history.
Go get our girl.
What is that?
Oh my god.
I know this is not the Carrie necklace.
It's necklace for Carrie.
These aren't diamonds?
Well, let's just say I wouldn't throw it around in your old purse.
I hope this cheer you up.
- Want to try it? - Yes.
- It's all right? - It's lovely.
- Really? - Listen, I know I've been busy.
As soon as the exhibit opens,
it will be just you and me, ok?
- This is Andre, my best friend. - Oh yeah.



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