Sex and the City: the Flower Power in the Movie

"Sex and the City" has birthed so many fashion obsessions, it's a wonder we knew how to get dressed before. The nameplate necklace, the Manolo Blahnik stiletto, the exposed bra. But the most iconic Carrie accessory is the flower. In her hair, on her belt, jauntily attached to the shoulder of a dress. It will be fun to catch up with how much flower power this flick touts.

There are almost as many flowers as there are models and modelizers in Manhattan – the huge one on Carrie’s shoulder as she strolls down Fifth Avenue, floral-print dresses, flower accessories and bouquets of fresh white blooms. Have flowers ever been such a cutting-edge fashion statement? Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) alone has 81 costume changes!

The big bloom has endured as such a symbol of the show, stylist Patricia Field has singled it out as the piece that made its own cameo in the movie: That springy silk embellishment is back. In the opening scene of the movie, Carrie is strolling down Fifth Ave. in a white-and-gold dress with a giant flower affixed at the neck. "Of course, everybody remembers the flower from the show," says Field, who crafted the look by shortening a vintage gown into a minidress.

For the trendsetting Carrie, florist to the stars Tess Casey used gardenias and garden roses to construct an abundant white bouquet. The fiery Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wore a dahlia in her hair and carried Black Magic and Classy roses. Tess said she couldn't use wire to construct Carrie's bouquet because "she hits Mr. Big with it."


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