Filipina Designs Flower Ring in Sex and the City

Sex and the City not only starred Kim Catrall and Sarah Jessica Parker, but also a beautiful "Flower Ring" sought after by Samantha during funny auction scene during the film.

So what makes this "Flower Ring" so special? Its special because it was created by no less than a Filipino jeweler, the talented and exciting Miami based designer Ramona Magsaysay Alampay Boucher.

The force behind the House of Bastion is a Fine Arts graduate at the University of the Philippines majoring in Industrial Design and Sculpture.

This background led to her developing fashion forward iconic jewelry designs for the House of Bastion, which has established itself as a formidable presence in fashion with a continually evolving product line that encompasses jewelry, shoes, hats, and a recent expansion into apparel.

Bastion began in 2006 as a luxury goods brand offering an intial product line of couture jewelry and shoes. With an initial client base of royalty and celebrities, their unique pieces were quickly noticed by the fashion industry leading to a considerable increase in multi-media exposure, including Sex in the City the movie, which featured seven Bastion pieces, including the Auction Flower Ring.

Ramona's art has been showcased in numerous galleries and major shows including Art Basel Miami, Art Basel Switzerland, and the Bass Museum. She also started Possible Islands (with Johannes Schoen), a non-profit organization bringing social outreach to artists in developing countries integrating them with the international art market and curators, for which she recently received an endowment in the form of an island which will be used for residences in the Pacific Ocean).


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