Sex and the City Fashion Style: Miranda Hobbes

From high-flying career woman to casual weekender, Miranda's style choices are revealed here.

Miranda, the ambitious lawyer, is generally as practical in her wardrobe decisions as she is in her career choices. From her tidy no-fuss short hair to her smart, sensibly heeled shoes (none of Carrie's four-inch Manolos for her), Miranda favours clean lines, neutral colours and classic looks.

But although she's a bit more buttoned-up than her friends, Miranda isn't left in the fashion dust. On weekends, she'll wear a simple, body-skimming dress, accessorised to perfection, just as naturally as she wears tailored suits during the week.

From nine to five, Miranda is most comfortable in flawlessly fitting separates, appropriate for a partner in a law firm. It's not all business all the time, though, so she'd probably go for something a little more daring underneath that suit. Anything that buttons up and resembles a conservative blazer until she takes off her jacket and shows a little more skin than expected is right up Miranda's street. When the sun goes down, she'd still maintain her Miranda-style polish and poise but loosen up a bit in a sexy slip dress.

Any shoe with a delicate strap and a low kitten heel is perfect for Miranda's office ensemble. For an even sassier, more day-to-evening look, she'd probably opt for adorable slingbacks. On lazier days, Miranda would likely slip on flip-flops that still exude elegance.

Anything with a plethora of inside zip pockets would appeal to a type-A personality like Miranda. A night on the town calls for something a little more refined, though, like a sleek clutch bag. With no frills attached, a leather envelope-style bag is just the kind of no-nonsense fashion statement that a Miranda type is looking for.

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