Sex and the City Fashion Style: Charlotte York

Slightly more demure than the rest of her SATC pals, Charlotte still looks sensational - here's how.

This Park Avenue princess is certainly chic, but makes her statement with a more elegant, understated - and certainly more consistent - style than fashion risk-taker Carrie Bradshaw. Charlotte tempers the conservative style of her uptown pedigree with whimsical or girlie fashion choices that reflect her optimistic (some might say naive) world view. Her romantic sensibility often plays out in frills, ruffles, pastel hues and floral motifs.

Charlotte isn't one to bare too much skin, but she still knows the power of her feminine form and often flirts it up with spaghetti straps here, flounces there. Every element of the outfit is always just so, though - even when she's going for weekend casual.

Charlotte continues her feminine fashion sense with her demure footwear choices, guaranteed to match all those carefully appointed ensembles to perfection.

In line with her fashion credo, Charlotte's not looking for anything too flashy in the bag category. Simple totes and elegant shoulder bags are her rule of thumb.

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