Sex and the City Season 6 Episode 12

612. One

Okay. Come on let's hurry.
- I'm not dressed to hustle. - Oh.
When Charlotte and I heard that there was a woman in Chelsea not talking or eating,
we were there in a New York minute.
And she's doing this for how long?
16 days. 24 hours a day.
This is Day 6.
It gets worse?
By changing my personal energy field,
I'm attempting to change the energy field in this room
and perhaps that energy shift will shift the energy of the world.
Good for her. So Best-e's for lunch?
When I was working in the galleries,
performance art was more theatre then instillation.
She's moved it to the next level.
Well girlfriend needs to move a combthrough her hair.
She has company.
There's a man over there staring at me.
Over there.
He's not there.
Can you tell Circe that Charlotte from Hisgallerian Spring Street sends her very best?
Okay that's him again.
Oh my god.
That's Alexander Petrovski, the artist.
He is the¡¦
Thank you very much. Would you like..?
No. it's okay.
Oh excuse me. Mr. Petrovski.
I don't mean to bother you but..
I just have to say thank you.
When I first moved to New York and working in the galleries,
your Abstract #1 was my first important sale.
This is such a thrill.
I mean you defined the 70s in terms of progressive..
And what did you think about this work today?
Very moving. Significant.
And what do you think?
But you thought it was funny.
I heard you laugh.
I'm not very arty.
You don't think it's significant?
Oh please.
There are depressed women all overNew York doing the exact same thing as her
and not calling it art.
I mean, if you put a phone up on that platform,
it's just a typical Friday night waiting for some guy to call.
She's kidding.
And frankly, I don't buy the whole 24 hours not eating thing.
I bet if anyone bothered to come down here three in the morning,
she wouldn't even be up there.
She'd be around the corner having a Big Mac.
Why do you think she has the life ladders?
To keep her from running out for a snack.
And who are you?
What do you mean?
Your name?
I'm Carrie Bradshaw.
You're comic.
And I'm Charlotte York. I mean Goldenblatt.
I forgot my married name.
I just got married so.. can I just say, again,
how very, very important your work is?
Oh my God.
We just met Alexander Petrovski.
You're comic?
That night over at new couple central.
Hot pizza and in less than 30 minutes, I think I missed my calling.
You just pass by me without a kiss?
- I wanted to wait until I can use my hands. - Oh.
What's with that little pizza box?
One is a pizza, the other is a surprise for you after the pizza.
- I love surprises. - Yeah?
What are we drinking? Wine?
One of my guys busted his knee.
- I have to go to the hospital. - Oh.
What are 6'8" pro basketball players doing on a skateboard?
I don't know.
Hey. Don't wait up.
I'll see you tomorrow.
All right.
Good night beautiful.
There they were. The sweetest words you can ever say.
In the sweetest way you can ever say them.
Turns out Miranda didn't like surprises as much as she thought.
Last night Robert said I love you.
Wow. That's wonderful.
On a cookie.
I need more information.
He brought it over, I guess as a surprise.
But before we got to it he had to leave
and then I panicked and ate the entire thing.
If it wasn't there, I wouldn't have to deal with it.
Now was it the fact that he said it on a cookie or that he said it period?
Had to be the cookie.
Robert is great. Right?
Well.. I didn't wanna be the one to have to tell you this about him
but... he's perfect. I'm sorry.
If your best friend can't tell you who will?
He is perfect. Really.
You should see how cute he is helping plan Brady's birthday party.
Oh. Brady is one year old.
And yet I haven't aged a day.
Saturday afternoon, my house.
Just us, some of Steve's family.
I'm not coming if there's a clown.
No clown.
Good. Nothing scarier than a clown.
- We're gonna be four. Thanks. -Okay
What are you getting?
Yes. I need glasses and I am not ashamed.
I have a sexy young man who loves to fuck me and I'm fabulous.
Have you considered putting that on a t-shirt?
Are those the kind you get at the drugstore next to the Bengay?
How dare you! These are Chanel.
There you go. Thank you.
Hey. Have you ever heard of that artist Alexander Patrovski?
Alexander Patrovski? Oh my god.
He was the number one hot guy at Studio 54.
Dated every top super model in the 70s.
oh my nipple's getting hard just thinking about him. Why?
I met him yesterday.
No. how did he look. Is he still gorgeous?
We need more time.
Where did you meet? What's he like?
We met at a gallery and he was odd.
How old is he now? Let me see.
When I was 22. He was about 30.
Studio 54 was ' that would make him, what? 53.
And that would make you..
I'm forty fucking five.
I have nothing to hide.
I'm pregnant.
Oh my god.
It's very, very early. But I am.
I just heard from the doctor.
We don't know if it's the acupuncture or all of the herbs that I've been taking
or maybe Harry and I are just a better fitter whatever but I am. I'm pregnant.
How far along are you?
About three weeks.
Oh please excuse me.
What was that?
Well I'm growing it out.
My hair. Down there.
Smith enjoys a full bush.
Isn't this great?
Everything is exactly like it always is..
but I'm pregnant.
One lazy Wednesday afternoon later.
Uh, hello. Good afternoon. I'm..
Wrong number sorry.
I'm sorry.
Yes I'm sorry too. Wrong number.
I'm afraid it's me again. I have really..
a bit of trouble here.
Sir. I can not understand you.
This is Alexander Patrovski calling for Carrie Bradshaw.
Oh. I'll get her. Hold on.
That was you before. Yes?
Sounded just like you.
Oh no. That was my sister.
She's visiting.
Oh that's nice.
I hope you don't mind me calling you.
I got this number from the friend of yours
who knows the girl who works at the gallery at Circe.
I hope it's okay.
Are you still laughing out that artist?
Excuse me?
Saying that she eats all night. Big Mac's.
Well. I'm sticking to my guns.
I thought you would.
So, let's go see her at three a. m. to be sure,
how's Saturday for you?
You're not serious.
I am serious. She is serious.
You're the one who's not serious.
You're expecting me to get out of bed
and go meet you at some art gallery at 3 am?
Not 3. Let's say one.
We'll have dinner first. At the Russian?
1 a. m. at a mysterious place?
I'm not going to get sold into White slavery, am I?
I don't know what this means.
It was a joke.
Okay. Comic. Good-bye.
Hello again.
Carrie. It's Harry.
Harry. Hi. What's wrong?
What happened?
It just.. you know... went away.
Doctor says it happens all the time.
How is she?
Not good.
She's just been sort of sitting and staring since this morning.
She didn't want me to call anybody but I thought..
No, you did the right thing.
She's in the living room. I told her you were coming.
How are you?
You know¡¦
Hi. This is awful. I'm so sorry.
The doctor said the good news is we got pregnant.
He said lots of woman miscarry andgo on to have perfectly healthy kids.
It's true. Shall I get you some mint tea?
How about that?
I can't go to Brady's party on Saturday.
Okay. She'll understand.
Napkins. Cups. Party favors.
Done. Done. Done.
Now on Saturday, all Steve has to do is bring the cake.
What kind?
Chocolates with white icing.
Baby's first sugar. Look out.
You like chocolate, don't you?
Well you haven't mentioned anything about the cookie.
You know what? Yes. I was.
If you give me a minute.
That's five days ago.
I'm embarrassed. I ate the whole thing.
It was delicious.
What about what is said?
Sweet. So sweet.
I love you Jules.
I love you Mimi.
Loved you since I first saw you.
Feel so right to finally say it.
Don't have to hold the words back anymore.
I love you Jules. I love you.
I am so fucked up. I am so fucked up.
Okay we need to divide and conquer. What's going on?
I can't say I love you. I just can't.
It's not in my DNA.
And everywhere I look, it is just flying out of people's mouths.
Who's mouths is it flying out of?
Everyone. Jules and Mimi.
They're fictional.
But they say it. Robert said it.
He said it on a cookie
I am so fucked up.
Robert asked about the cookie and it was the perfect time to say it and I couldn't.
He was just hanging there waiting and I couldn't.
I am never gonna be happy.
Just not gonna happen for me.
Do you love him?
How can I love him if I can't even say the words?
I always thought that when the right guy came along all of my bullshit will calm down
and go away and the words would just fall out of my mouth
because I would know he was the one.
And here he is.
The perfect guy. And I..
Is he the one? I don't know.
I don't know.
Because I am so fucked up.
And I am gonna ruin my life.
Stop. It's too late to ruin your life.
The only thing you're gonna ruin tonight is your night and mine.
I was kidding.
I'm laughing on the inside.
Okay listen. Get a good night sleep see how you feel tomorrow.
Turn off Jules and Mimi and go to bed.
You've seen enough love for one night.
You're right.
You know what used to make me feel better? Cookies...
- Good night. - Good night.
I blame Valentine's Day.
Hundreds upon hundreds of cards all decreeing you're the one.
Just imagine the hundreds and hundreds of wrenching late night phone calls
all over this one idea.
And it's not just with love.
It seems we're always looking for that one thing to make our lives complete.
That job, that chance, that family.
I couldn't help but wonder,
when will waiting for the one be done?
Samantha was never a woman who looked for the one
but today, she found one.
A gray one.
She figured a box in the hand was better than one in the bush.
Turns out, left on too long, nice and simple was not so nice.
Here we go. Happy birthday.
Hey birthday boy.
- Daddy. - How are you?
Who got the clown?
I did. Hey Ma.
I got my grandson a clown.
The kids love it.
Brady's the only kid.
Well I paid him.
He can open the door or something.
Put that cake somewhere cool where it won't get knocked over.
Laundry room.
And tell the clown to open the door.
I hope you're not insulted I brought my own beer.
No. Not at all.
Hi Ma.
Debbie. There's my Debbie.
Oh Miranda the baby looks so cute.
God bless him.
Hey, you want a beer?
Did you see my clown?
Thanks for coming.
Of course.
How is she?
The same. Just stares at the TV.
She says she wasn't strong enough to come.
I don't know what to do.
She'll be okay. She just has to feel it.
- Come on, there's food. - Good.
This is the story of Elizabeth Taylor.
The E! True Hollywood Story.
We'll give you an exclusive revealing look
at one of Hollywood's greatest treasures.
A talented and courageous woman who was above all, a survivor.
Here you are.
I was told there'd be no clowns.
Nothing scarier than a clown.
I need to talk to you in private.
All right well you'll have to wait till I get something to eat. I'm starving.
- Here. - Oh.
What is so important that it couldn't wait.
I found a gray hair.
In a food?
In my hair. Down there.
What am I going to do? It's a disaster.
It's not a disaster.
It's all part of getting older. You said that yourself.
My eyes getting old is one thing but this,
this cannot get old. What will Smith think?
Smith is well aware of the fact that you're older.
Older not old and this is old.
No man wants to fuck grandma's pussy.
Oh god. This is a child's birthday party.
I was going to tweeze but if you pluck it,
six more will come to its funeral.
Well that's what they say.
- Bye. - Stop. Please.
I'm not telling you the whole story.
It gets worse?
I dyed it.
And I left it on too long,
- and it's the wrong color. - Okay.
You have ten seconds and then I'm leaving. Ten nine...
It's red. And when Smith sees it,
I'm going to have to explain why it's red.
- Five. Four. Three. - Carrie, I don't think you get the magnitude of this.
- Two. One. - I'm Bobo the Bush.
Turns out, there is something scarier than a clown.
Elizabeth endured a difficult? operation.
Hovering near death for three days.
Elizabeth Taylor's story is an epic.
And an inspiration.
Now is the time for guts and guile.
This is the story of one of Hollywood's
Everything's so nice Miranda.
I'm real glad everything worked out.
You and Robert. Me and Steve.
Cause I really love him.
There's my girl.
I got my pipes all warmed up to sing.
- And where's that cake? - I'll get him.
Hey. Are you okay?
Hold up. Hold on. Forget those wimpy little ones.
Wait till you see what I got here.
Look at that. Huh?
I love you. I love you Steve.
I'm sorry, I should never have said that.
It's just that.. I love you and I fucked everything up
and now it's too late.
I'm sorry I'm doing this. I'm sorry. Please don't look at me.
I love you too.
You do?
I mean, come on.
What about Debbie?
I know but.. Miranda.
You're the one.
- We'll get the cake. - We're getting the candle.
Hello. Where is cake?
Will you look at the candle that Steve brought?
Look at the candle.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Brady,
happy birthday to you.
Make a wish Brady.
Did you make a wish?
Give me a kiss.
Three weeks later, Miranda and Steve got their wish.
They were back together.
From a one year-old's birthday party
to a one a. m. dinner party.
Hi. I'm here to meet Alexander Patrovski.
Good evening.
Don't you mean good morning?
You look lovely.
Oh. I'm just wearing my pajamas.
You know you're late. It's 1:03.
Sorry. I don't wear your watch.
How do you ever know your time?
I find that someone will always tell me.
1:03 did you say?
Well. It's very red downstairs.
They said that it's what's expected of Russia.
So. What's all this?
Potatoes. Little veal. Herring.
Beet salad. More red and veal in aspic.
What exactly is aspic? Kind of a meet jell-o?
Try it. It's yummy.
Do you always eat this late at night?
I usually work all night. For me it's not late.
You work all night painting?
Yeah. Sculpture whatever.
I have a bit of an art question.
- As you know Alexander. - Alex-ander.
- Oh. - Alex-ander.
Say Alec.
Call me Bob.
So, I'm a writer. I write a column for a newspaper.
What are you drinking?Water.
In that case, I'll have a vodka martini please.
Thank you.
Well Bob,
this is the latest I've been up in quite a while.
I even had to take a little disco nap.
Remember those?
My spies tell me you were quite the regular at Studio54.
That must have been an amazing time.
Why don't you tell me about that?
What is there to remember?
Martha Graham's face, Andy Warhol's wig.
That's about it. I rarely think about the past.
What I care about is... what will happen today, tonight.
What may happen tomorrow. Yes?
I have something to show you and I don't want you to freak out.
Oh man. Where'd it all go?
- I shaved. - Bummer.
Look. I know you enjoy a full bush.
But there's something I should tell you.
There is one moment in every relationship
where you risk letting someone know the real you.
I'm a working woman and I don't have time for you to be down there searching for it.
So. I wanted to make everything nice and simple.
This was not that moment.
How long have you lived in New York?
Long time. Off and on. Paris, London.
The other places. I like New York. It's honest.
There's no big smile on its face.
It's dark, painful. I like it.
Okay. You are way too Russian.
You get a girl out of bed to tell her you like pain?
It's two in the morning. Lighten up Bob.
Don't you know any jokes?
More meat?
Fruit and tea. We sweeten out tea with black cherries. It's good.
Try it. You'll like it.
- Fruit? - I'm not really a fruit person.
Take a banana. Put it in your purse for breakfast.
I insist.
Is that a banana in your purse
- or are you just very happy to see me? - Oh god.
You asked for a joke.
At exactly 3:01, we pulled up in front of the gallery to see if Art was alive and awake.
Oh my purse. I left it in the cab.
Taxi! Hey!
Wait! Hold on! Wait a minute!
Hey! Ho! Ho! Okay!
- What'd you forget? - Here we go.
Do you wanna give her a banana?
Of all my odd dates, this was number one.
- Hi. - Where you go? Where do you wanna go?
Oh. Where's he going?
I asked him to wait so.. we can have a proper good night.
Oh. Well. Thanks for dinner.
You're welcome. I live right near here.
I thought you lived way downtown.
That is near.
Well you can take the boy out of Studio54
but you can't take Studio54 out of the boy.
You are funny. Light.
So. Not tonight, huh?
And he tasted like black cherries.



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