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Sex and the City Music: Season 5

501. Anchors Away

Samantha spots a sailor
Song: Anchors Aweigh
Artist: original composition arranged by Arthur Fieldler and The Boston Pops)

Miranda goes home
Song: Anchors Aweigh (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Charlotte changes her name plate on her mailbox
Song: Police Funk
Artist: Charles Schillings & Pompon F.

Samantha meets Richard at Sushi Samba
Song: The Avenue
Artist: Bona Fide

Carries thinks and types
Song: Aqua
Artist: from the CD: Sound Virus

Carrie and the girls go to a dance party
Song: Shining Star
Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire

Charlotte talks to an officer
Song: Feelin' Alright?
Artist: Joe Cocker (in style of)

Carrie and Samantha talk on the dance floor
Song: I Can't Get Next to You
Artist: Al Green (in style of)

Carrie and Navy man on the fire escape
Song: Try a Little Tenderness
Artist: Otis Redding (in style of)

502. Unoriginal Sin

Samantha and Richard meet for a drink
Song: Bossa Loca (original composition)
Artist: Rob Mounsey

Carrie and Charlotte rate men at a sidewalk cafe
Song: Ray Ban
Artist: from the CD: Ambient - Cova D'En Xoroi - Ol Menorca

Carrie meets for drinks with publishers
Song: Very Leggy
Artist: Ursula 1000

Carrie thinks and types
Song: "Luxury" (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Samantha and Richard at a restaurant
Song: Milano Bossa
Artist: from the CD: Harry The Bastard Presents Club H. vol. 2

Baby Brady's baptism
Song: Original compositions by Bob Christianson
Artist: Bob Christianson

Carrie in her apartment
Song: A Bit of Hope (original composition)
Artist: Nancy Shayne

503. Lucky Be An Old Lady

Carrie's blind date doesn't show up
Song: The Groove (from the CD: Carte Blanche Volume One)
Artist: Global Communication

Carrie talks to Samantha on the phone
Song: The Vibe (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Aboard Richard's private jet
Song: Numero Deux (from the CD: Numero Deux)
Artist: The Dining Rooms

The girls enter Atlantic City's Taj Mahal
Song: Luck Be A Lady
Artist: Mel Torme

Carrie thinks and types
Song: Indra
Artist: Thievery Corporation

Charlotte in her hotel room
Song: Three Happy Mice
Artist: Louie R

Samantha rushes to Richard's hotel room
Song: Furious
Artist: Los Straightjackets

Samantha breaks up with Richard
Song: Twenty-Seven
Artist: Sad Rockets

Charlotte and Carrie talk to two men at a bar
Song: Dap Walk
Artist: Ernie and the Top Notes

Carrie sees an older couple on the boardwalk
Song: "Lonely Girl" (original composition)
Artist: Todd Kasow

The girls take the casino bus home
Song: Winter's Over
Artist: Sad Rockets

504. Cover Girl

Carrie talks to her publishers
Song: Little Bitty (original composition)
Artist: Mark Berman

Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Song: Ray Marchica & Tom Barnev, Bookstore Jazz #1 (original composition)
Artist: Mark Berman

Carrie walks in on Samantha at the office
Song: Boogaloop
Artist: Ursula 1000

Carrie hangs out with Stanford
Song: Talking Big (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Carries thinks and types
Song: Playgirl
Artist: Ladytron

Charlotte throws a book out the window
Song: Book out the Window (original composition)
Artist: Bill Dempsey

Miranda and Tom have dinner
Song: Anthemic (original composition)
Artist: Marshall Crenshaw

Carrie tries on clothes with Samantha
Song: Music & Wine
Artist: Blue Six

Carrie steps out of the closet
Song: Sweet Lavalamp (from the label: Irma Group)
Artist: Sam Paglia

Samantha leaves Carrie and walks to the restroom
Song: Almost Major (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Miranda goes downtown for Weight Watchers
Song: The Hippo
Artist: Bona Fide

Carrie's Picture shoot
Song: Point of View (from the label: Sony)
Artist: DB Boulevard

505. Plus One is the Loneliest Number

Carrie checks out her party space
Song: All The Pretty Flowers (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Carrie and Berger sit on a bench
Song: Stroll in the Park (original composition)
Artist: Louie R.

Carrie walks and thinks
Song: Sex 1 (original composition)
Artist: Marshall Crenshaw

Carrie walks and thinks, continued
Song: City Mosaic (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

A little girl screams at Sam's face
Song: Fashion Party
Artist: Daniele Luppi

Charlotte and Justin have sex - the morning after
Song: Slow Up (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Carrie's book party, part 1
Song: "Dance With Me" (from the CD: Chill Out In Paris)
Artist: Time Passing

Carrie's book party, part 2
Song: Jelba (from the CD: Barrio Latino 2)
Artist: Russ Gabriel

Carrie's book party, part 3
Song: I Wish I Were in Love Again
Artist: Virignia Sandifur

Carrie's book party, part 4
Song: Dolphins (from the CD: Echo)
Artist: Om Guru

Carrie's book party, part 5
Song: Thanks Lonny (original composition)
Artist: Marshall Crenshaw

Grey's Papaya - end of show
Song: Smooth Sailing (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

506. Critical Condition

Carrie and Stanford attend a Cabaret Revue
Song: And All That Jazz
Artist: from the Theatre Soundtrack: Chicago, Performed by Mary Testa

Carrie has a conversation in the restroom
Song: Stepping Up to the Plate (Performed by Mary Testa)
Artist: Nancy Shayne

Samantha smokes a joint
Song: The Strut (original composition)
Artist: Louie R

Carrie sees a man relieving himself against a wall
Song: Early Morning (original composition)
Artist: Louie R

Carrie Thinks and Types
Song: Lullaby Baby (original composition)
Artist: Marshall Crenshaw

Carrie and Sam eat at a city bakery
Song: Sofisticata (from the CD: Monteifiori Cocktail)
Artist: Nicola Conte

Sam visits Miranda at her apartment
Song: Shake It Off (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Charlotte confronts Bunny at Bloom & Goldenblatt
Song: It's Final (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

Stanford and Carrie walk away with a pretzel
Song: Lost in Your Eyes (original composition)
Artist: Bob Christianson

507. The Big Journey

The girls have dinner at a nice restaurant
Song: Bossa Rouge (from the CD: The Spirit of Summer)
Artist: Francesco Gazzara

Carrie Thinks and Types/Carrie and Sam arrive at the train station
Song: Little Black Box (original composition)
Artist: Bob Thompson

Carrie and Sam enter the dining room
Song: Peter Pan Syndrome (from the CD: Sister Bossa Vol. 3)
Artist: DJ Rodriguez

Charlotte is seduced by her lawyer
Song: Somebody Needs You (from the CD: Don't Be Afraid of Love)
Artist: Lo Fidelity Allstars

Charlotte and Anthony go to a bar
Song: I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby (from the CD: Almighty Mix)
Artist: Gloria Gaynor

Carrie and Sam enter the bachelor party
Song: Night Train
Artist: Alvino Rey

Carrie and Big talk at a hotel
Song: How Do You Keep the Music Playing? (Written by Michel Legrand)
Artist: Mark Soskin

Carrie and Big have dinner
Song: "Rising in Love"
Artist: Govi

Carrie and Sam at the bookstore
Song: Feelin' Good (from the CD: Verve Remixed)
Artist: Nina Simone

508. I Love a Charade

Carrie and the Girls go to the King Cole Room to see Bobby Fine
Song: Is That All There Is? (Piano Performance: Mark Berman)
Artist: Nathan Lane

TNT, Sam makes a phone call, and Miranda lies down with Steve
Song: The Kiss
Artist: The Honey Dogs

Three bimbos pull up in a car
Song: Get the Game Started (from the label: Grooviticious Music)
Artist: Darren Wilsey

A pool party in the Hamptons
Song: Sunday Morning Samba (from the CD: Sister Bossa Vol. 3)
Artist: Italian Secret Service

A pool party in the Hamptons
Song: Segundo (from the CD: Sister Bossa Vol. 2)
Artist: Del Guadio, Rossi and D'Angelo

Carrie and Berger sit on the grass and talk
Song: What Do We Do?
Artist: Bill Frissell

Sam throws her melon
Song: Peter Pan's Syndrome (from the CD: Sister Bossa Vol. 3)
Artist: DJ Rodriguez

A wedding ceremony in the Hamptons
Song: No False Love (from the label: Lovecat Records)
Artist: Savouma

A wedding party in the Hamptons
Song: Fly Me To The Moon
Artist: Arranged by Alan Foust

A wedding ceremony in the Hamptons
Song: Is That All There Is? (Arranged by Sonny Kompanek)
Artist: Dianne Reeves


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