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Sex and the City Music: Season 2

201. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Big comes over to say hi to Carrie and her date.
Song: Every Day Should Be a Holiday (From the album: Dandy Warhols Come Down)
Artist: The Dandy Warhols

202. the Awful Truth

People on the street say what they can't say to friends and family, and Susan Sharon tells Carrie she left her husband.
Song: Bombasteroid (From the album: Matinee Idylls)
Artist: Four Piece Suit

Charlotte tries to get Henry to do tricks.
unknown song 3

Carrie gets roses delivered to her door; the girls have lunch.
Song: Dark Eyes/It Happened In Monterey (From the album: "Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 9: Cha-Cha de Amor")
Artist: Mallet Men/Eighty Drums Around the World

203. the Freak Show

Samantha and Harrison have dinner together (beginning scene).
unknown song 2

Samantha opens the closet to find a 'freak.'
Song: I'm Too Sexy (From the album: Up)
Artist: Right Said Fred
label: Virgin Records

Samantha's party for a coffee table book.
unknown song 4

Charlotte stares at Mitchell after the girls come out of the restroom.
unknown song 3

Carrie goes on three bad dates with freaks; Charlotte realizes she can't have a relationship with Mitchell; Samantha stares at herself in the mirror; Carrie walks across the street.
unknown song 1

Mitchell goes under Charlotte's sheets.
Song: The Look of Love (From the album: Ultra-Lounge, Vol 14: Bossa Novaville)
Artist: Billy May & his Orchestra

Carrie searches David's apartment for something freaky.
Song: Flight of the Bumblebee
Artist: Rimsky-Korsakov

204. They Shoot Single People, Don't They?

Beginning scene (four girls dancing); later, Carrie drags her "single and fabulous ass home".
Song: Como Ves (From the album: Ozomatli)
Artist: Ozomatli

Carrie gives a toast ("Here's to us without men").
Song: Eva (From the album: Ozomatli)
Artist: Ozomatli

Samantha dances with William.
Song: Cumbia de los Muertos (From the album: Ozomatli)
Artist: Ozomatli

Carrie, Stanford, and Stanford's boyfriend Nevin are at a club.
Song: Bombasteroid (From the album: Matinee Idylls)
Artist: Four Piece Suit

Stanford leaves Carrie at the club.
unknown song 5

205. Four Women and a Funeral

"Across town, Samantha was facing her own uncertainties..."
unknown song 2

" unfortunate oversight. The second time was just unfortunate."
Song: Morning Mood", Peer Gynt suite, No. 1, Op. 46
Artist: Grieg

Carrie and Big go bowling.
Song: Just You, Just Me (From the album: Katharine Whalen's Jazz Squad)
Artist: Katharine Whalen

206. the Cheating Curve

Charlotte is exhilarated by spending time with her new female friends.
unknown song 1

Big and Carrie dance.
Song: They Can't Take That Away From Me
Artist: unknown

207. the Chicken Dance

The two newlyweds enter.
Song: Here Comes the Bride (traditional)

End scene - bouquet toss.
Song: Dark Eyes (From the album: Ready to Where?)
Artist: Four Piece Suit

208. the Man, the Myth, the Viagra

Big sings karaoke for Carrie.
Song: It Was a Very Good Year
Artist: Frank Sinatra, Chris Noth

The girls and Steve at Denial.
unknown song 2

Miranda chases after Steve in the rain.
Song: Love Is the Groove (From the album: Believe)
Artist: Cher

209. Old Dogs, New Dicks

Beginning scene - Carrie talks about the beautiful women of New York.
Song: St. James (From the album: Songs From My Funeral)
Artist: Snakefarm

The girls play bingo.
Song: Gne Gne (From the album: Irma at Sex and the City Part 1: Daylight Session)
Artist: Montefiori Cocktail

Big knocks Carrie out of bed.
Song: Far and Away (From the album: Spinning World: 13 Ways of Looking at a Waltz)
Artist: Gunnar Madsen

Steve calls Miranda and asks her to look at the moon.
Song: Tere Bin Nahin Lagda / Jaania (Remix available on "Bend It Like Beckham Soundtrack")
Artist: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

210. the Caste System

beginning scene
Song: They Say It's Spring
Artist: unknown

Charlotte and Wylie in the back of Wylie's limosine.
unknown song 1

Charlotte hangs out with Wylie and his friends at a restaurant.
unknown song 2

Samantha tells Harvey that his housekeeper was rude to her.
unknown song 3

Sung by a drunken Carrie and Jeremiah as they walk home from the party.
Song: Joy to the World
artist: Three Dog Night

211. Evolution

Charlotte stays in at Stefan's place.
unknown song 4

Charlotte and Stefan sleep together.
Song: Believe (From the album: Believe)
Artist: Cher

212. La Douleur Exquise!

Carrie visits Big while wearing her cap and crop.
unknown song 2

Stanford undresses to get in a club.
unknown song 1

Stanford is in a club in his underwear.
Song: The Rockafeller Skank (From the album: You've Come a Long Way, Baby)
Artist: Fatboy Slim

Carrie looks out the window as Big leaves for Paris.
Song: Anna (From the album: Spinning World: 13 Ways of Looking at a Waltz)
Artist: Gunnar Madsen

213. Games People Play

Beginning scene (Carrie obsesses about Big to her friends) and end scene.
Song: I Will Survive (From the album: Most Famous Hits)
Artist: Gloria Gaynor

Miranda notices her neighbor across the street watching her; later, Miranda and her neighbor strip for one another.
Song: Strip Search (From the album: Ready to Where?)
Artist: Four Piece Suit

The girls hang out a a sports bar.
Song: Rock & Roll, Part 2 (From the album: Rock and Roll: Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits)
Artist: Gary Glitter

Carrie plays Twister with her date.
unknown song 2

214. the Fuck Buddy

Skipper complains to Carrie about the girls who broke up with him.
unknown song 1

215. Shortcomings

End scene - Carrie waves at her friends from outside the cafe.
Song: Devil May Care (From the album: When I Look In Your Eyes)
Artist: Diana Krall

216. Was It Good for You?

Carrie and Patrick sleep together for the first time.
Song: Love Hangover (From the album: All the Great Hits [Original Recording Remastered])
Artist: Diana Ross

Samantha wonders to herself if getting involved with the Davids is going too far.
Song: Point of View (From the album: Irma at Sex and the City Part 1: Daylight Session)
Artist: Voo Doo Phunk

Samantha and the two Davids go to bed together.
Song: Nutcracker Suite
Artist: Tchaikovsky

Patrick takes his clothes off in the street.
unknown song 6

217. Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women

Beginning scene - Carrie tells the story of why they were invited to the Hamptons.
unknown song 3
Artist: Four Piece Suit

Samantha complains to her friends about her ex-employee Nina.
unknown song 1

Night party at the beach.
Song: Praise You (From the album: You've Come a Long Way, Baby)
Artist: Fatboy Slim

Carrie walks on the beach with her 'good-on-paper' guy.
unknown song 2

Carrie talks with the doctor on his porch.
unknown song 5

218. Ex and the City

Miranda grabs Carrie and they both run away from Steve; Charlotte and Carrie run away from the horse stalls; Miranda and Steve sleep together.
Song: El Loco! (From the album: La Esperanza)
Artist: La Esperanza

Samantha meets a 'stallion.'
Song: Tempest (From the album: Tempest)
Artist: Jesse Cook

Charlotte and Carrie talk at the horse stables as Pal is saddled up.
Song: Cara Mia (From the album: La Esperanza)
Artist: La Esperanza

Charlotte goes horseback riding in the park.
Song: Love & Lust (From the album: La Esperanza)
Artist: La Esperanza

Carrie walks away from Mr. Big at the end of the episode.
Song: La Punta (From the album: La Esperanza)
Artist: La Esperanza


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